Natural Mosquito & Insect Bite Relief


This miracle formula is so effective; it relieves the itching, swelling, redness, sores and infection for insect bites; within minutes.  A gentle non-greasy, great smelling product, every ingredient is carefully hand-picked with due care to ensure that our natural skincare product remains wholesome.

It is made from 100% all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.  It is safe for you, babies and your family, non-toxic, child friendly and cruelty free.  Once you use it you can forget about the discomfort from mosquitoes.



Origin: Jamaica
Size: 70 ml
Are the mosquito bites already getting to you?
This anti-itch spray is totally 100% natural, made from plants so you are not adding anything to further irritate your skin.

•    A single spray stops itching within minutes
•    Reduces swelling, redness caused from bites
•    Non-greasy formula for maximum comfort
•    No lemongrass pungent smell
•    Non toxic, can be used on children and babies
•    100% natural and deet free
•    Handy 2.4 fl.oz (70ml) size is perfect for carry-on when travelling


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