Our ideaAs our company has grown, we have stayed true to our roots and principles, raising the profile of natural food working increasingly with retail businesses and customers to feed Jamaica’s appetite for good food and skincare products.  We believe that where you buy your foods and feed your family is one of the most important decisions you can make.

It affects the whole way people see society, the environment and the economy; it is a big responsibility.  We know that people, who are discerning about what they eat, want to make informed and responsible choices about food.  Food and skincare produce is not meant to be meddled with, tainted with chemicals, artificially coloured or highly processed.  Our simple truth is that food and skincare products should be natural and wholesome.

We advocate that food should be authentic and ethical – not of mere convenience.  Our range of gourmet products is based on shared belief in that the value of natural Jamaican food is grown to be sustainable.  Customers can enjoy delicious, great quality products while helping to preserve our food heritage and support Jamaican farmers.