I have used the Sonny’s All Natural Mosquito Bite Balm on numerous occasions when it has been made available to me.  It works well when I have used it, but I am one of those lucky people who do not react badly when bitten by mosquitoes. But I have seen the effect of the Balm, on those suffer badly when bitten by mosquitoes and the effect is remarkable. The itching sensation is relieved, the swelling is rapidly reduced and there is not oily residue or unpleasant smell that lingers.

I have a 16 year old son who is going through that adolescent period of pimples.  Thus he is continuously squeezing his face leaving the usual unsightly swellings. One day after seeing him with his swollen face, I sprayed the Sonny’s Mosquito Bite Balm on his face just prior to getting into the car on his way to school. When we arrived at the school all swelling had disappeared, and his face showed no evidence of the trauma produced by the squeezing.

On seeing the amazing results I decided to take the Bite Balm diluted in water as a tonic to see what effect it had on me. Well I am still alive and I do believe that for a little while I had increased energy. But the important thing is that there were no ill effects through ingestion.

I believe this is an exciting new product which is 100% Jamaican and should be encouraged.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Burke, Jamaica W.I – Programme Manager

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Testimonial – Carol Powell, Legal Secretary by profession

Re:- Sonny Mosquito & Insect Bite Balm

My first introduction to Sonny Mosquito & Insect Bite Balm was while on holiday in Jamaica in December 2010.   I was given the Balm by Cleon Roberts as I had been complaining to her about the mosquito bites and the itching. I put a small amount of the Balm on both of my legs. After applying the balm to my legs I instaneously felt a difference the stinking/itchy feeling with immediately relieved.  The next day there were no side effects i.e.; small rashes and no irritation.  I continued to use the Balm throughout the rest of my holiday. The main benefit of using the Balm was no itching at night time and not waking up with red blotch mosquito bites on my leg which take weeks to heal and itch. I therefore found the Balm very effective.   I would definitely recommend the Balm to my friends and family.

Signed: – Carol Powell
London, England
Email:  carolpowell2002@yahoo.co.uk

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I am a 42 year old female business owner in the field of the Visual Arts based in Jamaica. Last May we were staying in Treasure beach in St Elizabeth for the Calabash Festival, and we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes and sand flies during the evenings. A member of our party had the Sonny Mosquito and Insect Bite Balm as a homemade product and many of us tried it on our first night. It was so effective we used it every night and day for our 4 days trip! It was a darkish liquid like substance, with no real fragrance but a pleasant smell. Once applied to the skin it alleviated the itchiness and swelling of bites received.  It caused no irritation or side effects on anyone in our party, and could be reapplied numerous times over a few hours with no problem. It was also very easy to apply. Children found it very inoffensive due to its pleasant scent and so protecting them from such bites was much easier than usual. My son is allergic to mosquito bites and as such his bites swell into welts and are very uncomfortable for him. One application of this Balm reduced swelling significantly, and took the itch out, so making him much less bothered by them.

I would recommend this product very highly to family and friends, and think the market needs a natural option such as this product, as most insect products currently on the market are very toxic and essentially damage the skin in the long term.

Susanne Fredricks, Kingston, Jamaica W.I

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Testimonial by Grace Kelly – London, England

I am an Events Manager who travels all over the world especially to the tropics and have found that Sonny Mosquito and Insect Bite Balm an effective remedy for Mosquito and Insect bites.  I first used it in Jamaica in March 2012 and found it was an immediate release from the visit that I received from the early evening Mosquitoes.  I have since used it on numerous occasions and found it to be the answer for all insect bites and it has become an essential item when I travel, as it relived the swelling and irritation that is received once bitten.

I received no side effects and its spray bottle is easy to use. I would highly recommend this product as it is totally natural, and has become an essential remedy to Insect bites all over the world.

With best regards,

Grace Kelly
London, England

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Name of product – Sonny Mosquito and Insect Bite Balm

I work for a National Young People Charity as a London Area Manager.

Whilst on holiday in Jamaica in February 2012, I was introduced to the product by a friend who insisted that this would give me immediate relief for my mosquito bites. At first I was reluctant to use a new product as I have very sensitive skin and trust only a hand full of products, this is even more crucial when on holiday as my skin is extremely sun sensitive.

The benefits of the product were immediate; the spray was very soothing to the skin giving long lasting and effective relief for   the irritation of my bites. I   was also very impressed with the fragrance which was very clean and fresh unlike some of the other products I have used.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to my family and friends, who all know that if I trust it on my skin, it must be good.

Angela Bryan
London, England

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Testimonial  by Kim Chase – Jamaica W.I

I am the owner of a beach side property with 6 cottages on the North Coast of Jamaica. The property is named Strawberry Fields Together an 18 acre nature paradise. My name is Kim, I am an American living and running this place in Jamaica for the past 23 years.

We host guests for all over the world. I notice that the “New Blood” seems to be the target for mosquitoes. We being here so long seem to be “Old Blood” immune. We had this very fare skinned tourist here and noticed he was just getting eaten up and his body became covered with red welts and itchy patches all over. Cleon Roberts happened to be visiting my resort at the time saw this poor tourist and grabbed her “Sonny Mosquito and Insect Bite Balm” and went around spraying the tourist! He was immediately relieved of the itching, and after a short time the welts diminished!

It is exciting to see such a natural and nice smelling product work so well, and I would recommend it to anyone. There is no possibility to side effects being so natural, it is easy to carry and spray, and is very effective. My regards to Cleon and her family for working with nature so well and bringing these products to market!  I will not hesitate to sell this product at my resort due to the amount of foreign guests that we have visiting us.

Kim Chase
January 2012

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I live in New York, a couple of years ago while on vacation in Jamaica I was badly bitten by mosquitoes. Cleon happened to be staying at the same resort as me and saw me scratching my skin whilst on the beach until it bled and she told me to try her father’s home remedy on the mosquito bites.  I was told the balm would relieve the itching and the irritation I was experiencing.  I was quite curious to find out if it really did work. Well, very soon after I applied the soothing balm to my skin the irritation and itching gradually subsided. That was my introduction to Mr. Sonny’s ‘secret weapon’ for mosquito bites, and I am a loyal user of this day. I do recommend this product to family and friends. All the ingredients are natural and they are locally grown. This product is 100% Jamaican, with zero side effects.  Fetch your bottle of Sonny’s All Natural Mosquito & Insect Bite Balm and arm yourself against the irritation and itching from the bites of pesky mosquitoes and insects. This is a wonderful product which should be made available in shops everywhere.  I also find that this product is good for relieving bites from sand flies!

Cigale Rizzuto
Jamaica, New York, USA

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Testimonial – December 2011

I am a female Dental Administrator who just turned 40 years old. I am also the CEO of my own Health and Wellness Company in New York City.

I visited Jamaica last year and stayed at the Jamaica Palace Hotel in Port Antonio with my husband and our two children. As beautiful as Port Antonio is we were having a miserable time dealing with the insects but mainly the mosquitoes.

In the apartment next door a couple who happened to be Cleon Roberts offered her Sonny Mosquito and Insect Balm as we were in great discomfort.  She told me it was all natural, works wonders by curing mosquito bites. I only use organic and vegan products on myself and my family so this was a huge eye opener for me.  So we tried it and it was such a relief not to be itching all the time and to be blotchy with redness.

What I loved was that the fragrance was very pleasant; calming also that fact that it didn’t not leave your skin sticky. It is in liquid form and is very easy to apply especially  for my 2 young boys. You just spray it onto a fresh bite from a mosquito or sand fly and within minutes there is no itching or swelling. It even took down the swelling of old bites that we received two days prior to using this balm.

I cannot wait for this product to be available. I would highly recommend it to everyone I know  because it is so effective and most important factor is that it is harmless to your body.

Andrett Williams
257-49 147 Road
Queens 11422, New York, USA